Transfit – a complete range of transparent fittings for HDPE cable ducts. for those who appreciate transparency. Manufactured with the semi
push fit system, using transparent plastic to maximize convenience and efficiency. Allows easy and quick mounting without loss of parts.


Qty / Box
16 x 16mm 15016M3016 75 pcs
20 x 20mm 15020M3020 90 pcs
25 x 25mm 15025M3025 60 pcs
32 x 32mm 15032M3032 36 pcs
40 x 40mm 15040M3040 36 pcs
50 x 50mm 15050M3050 18 pcs
63 x 63mm 15063M3063 11 pcs
3/4” 15-02M3102  TBA
1” 15-03M3103  TBA
1 1/4” 15-04M3104  TBA
1 1/2” 15-05M3105  TBA
2 15-06M3106  TBA

 Data Sheet



Plassim Fittings develops and manufactures fittings for WATER SUPPLYIRRIGATIONTELECOM and INDUSTRIAL USES.
Plassim’s fittings include compression fittings for pressures to PN16, communication couplers for PE ducts, mini duct couplers for fiber to the home (FTTH), universal fittings and saddles.

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